⭐ 27th September 2020 – Neuroscience

CPD Event title: Neuroscience

Brief Description Of Event: The session will address all learning objectives for the module of neuroscience, providing evidence that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can effectively change the brain and mind functioning to bring positive changes in behaviour.

Learning Objectives: Your brain is amazing! There has undoubtedly been huge steps forward in our understanding of how our brains work and this is in part due to the huge technical advances in brain scans.
What is particularly exciting is how solution focused hypnotherapy dovetails comfortably with findings from research and how empirical findings support what is seen in everyday practice and CORP measurements.
Understanding brain function is the first step towards solutions.
Evidence will be provided to show that through relaxation, trance and positive suggestions, the brain’s activity can be manipulated by modulating neural plasticity.
This sound understanding of the brain can enable the practitioner to fully relate clients’ experiences during the initial consultation.

Course Structure: 10am – 5pm 1 day workshop

Date of event: 27th September 2020

Venue for event: CPHT Manchester, Cheadle House, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Royal Crescent, Cheadle SK8 3FS.

Name of trainer: Jayne Shaw

Tel bookings: 07724 855395

Email bookings: info@cphtmanchester.co.uk

Website: http://www.cphtmanchester.co.uk

Cost of Course: £95

Cost for NCH members: £85

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Please note there are no lunch facilities at the hotel, however there are supermarkets nearby.