⭐ 25th October 2020 – Working with Teenagers and Young People age 13-25

CPD Event title: Working with Teenagers and Young People age 13-25

Brief Description Of Event: This CPD will equip you with the knowledge and research necessary to feel confident working with young people. The 13-25-year age group are probably the most at risk of severe anxiety, depression, self-harming, suicide, cyber-bullying and feeling overwhelmed. We will explore and learn about this area in mental health that is in need of more trained professionals.

Learning Objectives: We will look at:

Mental Illness in Young People
How the Brain Works in Young People and how this differs to the workings of the adult brain
Hormones and Neurotransmitters – which ones are helpful and how to better access and use them
Legal requirements when working with young people including safeguarding
Working with young people online/by telephone whilst being GDPR compliant
The Therapeutic Alliance when working with teenagers and adolescents
The Parents – how and when to involve them
Is it business as usual? We look at where and how things differ
How the IC differs when we’re working with Young People, with a specific IC information Gathering sheet
Peers, teachers and parents: helping young people understand how to communicate better and more easily
Alternatives to use for our MQ, and Specific SF Questions that work well
How to cope better with stress
Language patterns/Metaphors – how to make them relevant
Case Studies – a selection of case studies throughout this age range

Course Structure: 10am-5pm 1 day workshop

Date of event: 25th October 2020

Venue for event: CPHT Manchester, Cheadle House, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Royal Crescent, Cheadle SK8 3FS.

Name of trainer: Julie May

Tel bookings: 07724 855395

Email bookings: info@cphtmanchester.co.uk

Website: http://www.cphtmanchester.co.uk

Cost of Course: £95

Cost for NCH members: £85

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Please note there are no lunch facilities at the hotel, however there are supermarkets nearby.