⭐ 18th July 2020 – Somasense® – Become a Certified Somasense® Practitioner

CPD Event title: Somasense® – Become a Certified Somasense® Practitioner

Brief Description Of Event: When we experience trauma, our bodies hold onto this information. If we have failed to physically work through that trauma, we may experience chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Our minds and bodies may be in a constant state of conflict as we continue to think of them as two separate entities. By encouraging clients to connect deeply at a somatic level, they can learn from their bodies, connecting with and interpreting the information it holds. We can also encourage clients to connect with and release stored physical trauma in safe environment. Once you have completed this course, you will have the skills to safely direct your client through mind-body work and will be able to call yourself a Somasense® practitioner. You will have the skills, resources and scripts to work confidently in this area which will enhance your existing practice. You will receive a Somasense® Certificate.

Learning Objectives: What is the “mind-body” connection?
Fight, flight & freeze response
How the body stores trauma
The impact of stored trauma
Ethical and safety considerations
Connecting clients with their body knowledge
Using titration
Exploring physicality & movement
Increasing awareness
Moving forwards
Adopting Somasense® Protocol
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Using with other therapeutic modalities

Course Structure: This workshop will combine experiential learning with theoretical learning. It will be presented as a live Zoom presentation. Breakout sessions with smaller groups will allow students to discuss course contents. Students will experience scripts during the workshop.

Students will be provided with extensive written course materials, client handouts and resources and scripts. They will also be able to use the term Somasense® practitioner – Somasense® is a trademarked name which is only available for use by students of Academy of the Inner Mind.

Date of event: 18th July 2020

Name of trainer: Claire Jack, Ph.D.

Tel bookings: 07876 809776

Email bookings: clairejack@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.academyinnermind.co.uk

Cost of Course: £75

Cost for NCH members: £45

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