⭐ 22nd August 2020 – Certificate in Hypnotherapy for PTSD

CPD Event title: Certificate in Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Brief Description Of Event: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition which is triggered by being involved in, or witnessing, a traumatic event, or events. PTSD symptoms are triggered to the extent that sufferers feel as if they are reliving the original traumatic event. Although we more commonly associate PTSD with war veterans, it can affect anyone who has experienced distressing or abusive experiences. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in helping alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. This workshop helps you establish the suitability of hypnotherapy for client treatment and how to treat clients safely whilst avoiding the risk of re-traumatisation. There is a growing awareness of PTSD within the more general population and an increasing demand for hypnotherapy as a treatment option. You will have the skills, resources and scripts to work confidently in this area which will enhance your existing practice. You will receive a Hypnotherapy for PTSD Certificate.

Learning Objectives: What is PTSD?
Hypnosis research
The link between trauma & hypnotic response
Ethical and safety considerations
Creating a safe space
Working content free
Calm dissociation
Using clean language
Changing sub-modalities
Rewind technique
Post-traumatic reframe
Use of metaphor
Post-traumatic resilience building
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Course Structure: This workshop will combine experiential learning with theoretical learning. It will be presented as a live Zoom presentation. Breakout sessions with smaller groups will allow students to discuss course contents. Students will experience scripts during the workshop.

Date of event: 22nd August 2020

Name of trainer: Claire Jack, Ph.D.

Tel bookings: 07876 809776

Email bookings: clairejack@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.academyinnermind.co.uk

Cost of Course: £75

Cost for NCH members: £45

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