⭐ Online – Certificate in Past Life Regression

CPD Event title: Certificate in Past Life Regression

Brief Description Of Event: Could you have lived before?

• Are there places you have always dreamed of visiting ?
• Places you would NEVER visit?
• Periods of history you find interesting?
• Activities you have always enjoyed?
• Activities you have always wanted to try – or avoid ?
• Areas of your own country you particular like or dislike?
• Certain people you feel drawn to – not individually, but groups of people such as religions or races?
• Fear that you have had since childhood?
• Have you any talents that you have always been aware of, even if you don’t use them?

This distance learning certification in Past Life Regression is an ideal introduction to past life regression, whether for your own interest or to increase your client base.

Learning Objectives: • History of Regression Therapy and Journeys of the Soul
• Why people want to be regressed
• Preparation for Past Life Work
• Symptoms – typical problems helped by regression
• Source of memories
• Repressed memories
• False Memory Syndrome
• Confabulations
• Leading questions
• Past-life Situations – people may have been blind, deaf, different sex and ethnic origin; rich, poor or homeless, etc.

Course Structure: You will receive a handbook that covers all the Learning Objectives plus a variety of scripts and further reading on this fascinating subject.

Name of trainer: Carole Wan

Tel bookings: 01246 416 544

Email bookings: acmhl@icloud.com

Website: https://www.ukhypnotherapy.org/online-past-life-regression.php

Cost of Course: £50

Cost for NCH members: £45

How to claim discount: Members, please login to