⭐ 6th September 2020 – KidsMatters® – Certification in Children’s Hypnotherapy

CPD Event title: KidsMatters® – Certification in Children’s Hypnotherapy

Brief Description Of Event: There is a huge, and growing, market for children’s hypnotherapy and a lack of properly qualified hypnotherapists. Children have the most amazingly receptive minds when it comes to hypnosis, and regularly slip in and out of an imaginative flow, which means that hypnotherapy is a very effective way to help them. The techniques we use with adults need to be adjusted considerably to work with children and KidsMatters® has been designed to provide you with all the skills, resources and background knowledge you need to work with kids. On completion, you will be able to call yourself a KidsMatters® Practitioner & use the KidsMatters® in your marketing. In addition to working with private clients, I have used the KidsMatters® approach to train paedeatric consultants at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and several of my previous students have adapted the material for classroom use.

Learning Objectives: 1) You will learn how to practice with children – and their parents – in a supportive, safe, ethical manner:
Ethics and legal requirements
Team working with parents
2) You will learn how to structure a sessions to a child’s needs:
Using play and art therapy
Solution focused questioning
Utilising therapeutic time effectively
3) You will learn techniques which have been specifically designed to ensure great results with children including:
Hypnotic inductions
Self hypnosis
NLP anchors – creating superheroes!
Metaphors & clean language
4) You will learn how to apply these techniques to a range of common issues including:
Self-destructive behaviour
Concentration issues
Pain management
Exam nerves
Sleep issues
Anger management.

Course Structure: This workshop will be delivered with the whole group and with smaller “breakout” sessions where you will have the opportunity to workshop ideas with delegates and practice techniques.

Date of event: 6th September 2020

Venue for event: Zoom

Name of trainer: Claire Jack, Ph.D.

Tel bookings: 07876 809776

Email bookings: info@hypnotherapy-diploma.co.uk

Website: http://www.kids-matters.co.uk

Cost of Course: £299

Cost for NCH members: £49

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