⭐ 4th October 2020 – Hypnosis for Fertility Certification

CPD Event title: Hypnosis for Fertility Certification

Brief Description Of Event: Fertility issues have a devastating impact on those affected. In many cases, whilst there is an underlying physical reason for fertility problems, psychological issues including past trauma, stress & pressure to conceive can all exacerbate any physical issues. Sometimes, there is no clear biological cause for infertility. Hypnosis can help people to reframe a client’s expectations, ensure they are doing everything they need to in terms of self care, prepare for any difficult procedures such as IVF and resolve any past trauma or beliefs which are impacting them negatively. Hypnosis can also help your client reconnect with their body, allowing communication and healing to take place and ensuring that the client is receptive to becoming pregnant at an unconscious & conscious level.

Learning Objectives: Learning outcomes:
Background to fertility issues
Role of mind-body connection
Reconnecting with the body
Healing the body
Reframing expectations
Using a solution focused approach
Resolving past trauma
Preparation for procedures/ support medical interventions
Metaphor work
Reframing pregnancy & birth
Healing past pregnancy/ infertility grief
Education & self care

Course Structure: This workshop will include group work and smaller breakout sessions to allow discussion and practice. You will be provided with a Certificate on completion of the course and extensive written materials, including scripts and resources.

Date of event: 4th October 2020

Venue for event: Zoom

Name of trainer: Claire Jack

Tel bookings: 07876 809776

Email bookings: info@hypnotherapy-diploma.co.uk

Website: http://www.academyinnermind.co.uk

Cost of Course: £75

Cost for NCH members: £40

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