⭐ 19th February 2021 – Hypnobirthing training for Hypnotherapists (3 days)

CPD Event title: Hypnobirthing training for Hypnotherapists

Brief Description Of Event: Sharon Mustard, founder of the easibirthing® model delivers a packed three day course for therapists to provide you with the confidence, competence and inspiration to deliver hypnosis for childbirth ( hypnobirthing ) into your practice in a truly unique and rewarding way.
A quarter of a million babies are born in the UK every year and this potential client group is only set to increase. Hypnosis is rapidly growing in popularity within childbirth and is gaining a lot of coverage in the media and within the NHS.
This course provides you with a great opportunity to expand your business and Sharon’s fantastic delivery of the course makes this a truly valuable and enjoyable weekend.

Learning Objectives: The benefits of using hypnosis in childbirth are renowned, it is a key area of our profession and a wealth of experimental evidence validates the benefits. Hypnosis can help women overcome fear, feel more in control and have a more positive birth experience. As a consequence, the increasing demand for women wishing to use hypnosis as part of their birth in is not just sweeping the UK, but is international.
easibirthing® is a UK based model which was developed in conjunction with midwives and therefore complements UK birthing practices. It is designed as a flexible approach to adapt to each individual client; and to empower them to manage whatever course their birth experience takes.
easibirthing® receives NHS funding in parts of the country due to the empirical evidence base
easibirthing® is a registered trademark (the only one in the field in UK) and therefore any practitioner using this trademark has been fully trained and qualified, reassuring potential clients
Upon completion of the course you will be awarded the certificate and be entitled to use the title Certified Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner (CHBP) and the easibirthing® logo in your marketing material. The CHBP qualification is the only hypnosis for childbirth qualification in the UK which has independent accreditation; currently by the NCHP.

Course Structure: Syllabus:

History of birthing

Basic anatomy & physiology during pregnancy & labour

Tokophobia and fear of giving birth

Effect of fear and anxiety on the birthing body

Experimental evidence of benefits for hypnobirthing

Client’s history & Involvement of Partners

Preparing for Birth

Physiology of stages 1, 2 & 3 of labour

Managing and Controlling discomfort

Achieving the Ideal Mental State (CCC)

Understanding effect of negative language

Birth Partner’s involvement

Prenatal, perinatal and postnatal bonding with your baby

Breastfeeding & Post-natal recovery

Medical Interventions and assisted births

Post natal Mental Health

Working with medical professionals

Life skills for parenthood

Building your Practice

Date of event: 19th February 2021

Venue for event: Novotel London Heathrow M4/J4 (5 mins from Heathrow airport), Novotel London Heathrow M4/J4, Cherry Lane, West Drayton, WEST LONDON, UB7 9HJ

Name of trainer: Sharon Mustard, Founder of easibirthing

Tel bookings: 07754 303987

Email bookings: sharon@easibirthing.com

Website: http://www.easibirthing.com/hypnotherapist-childbirth-training

Maximum number of participants: 18

Cost of Course: £420

Cost for NCH members: £380 discounted price for NCH members

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: You will receive:
A complete course manual including scripts and strategies. Whether you aim to train clients on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting, this resource will equip you to provide clients with a knowledgeable and professional service. You will receive a specialist qualification certification from the nchp as a testament to your achievement upon successful completion of your assessment following the course. Once qualified, you will become a ‘Certified Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner’ and be permitted to use the designated letters CHBP. You will also be entitled to an entry on our online Practitioners’ Directory on easibirthing Childbirth Practitioners.

Entry requirements:
Applicants for this course would be required to be a practising Hypnotherapist or in training to be a Hypnotherapist. **If you are a trainee you will be expected to have attained a Hypnotherapy qualification prior to your easibirthing® certification being finalised but can attend the course in the meantime.

Qualifying as a easibirthing® CHBP practitioner:
Assessment on this course is by completion of a short essay (to be undertaken following attendance of the three day course).