⭐ 26th September 2020 (1 day) – Practicing with Safety and Integrity

CPD Event title: Practicing with Safety and Integrity

Brief Description Of Event: In these strange and uncertain times – ‘Practicing with Safety and Integrity’ is a vital course to help keep us (students and practitioners) all straight from a professional and ethical perspective. How up to date are you with your client intake process and in processing contraindications? Is your note-taking adequate? How knowledgeable and effective are you in assessing and managing risk? How confident are you about the requirements for DBS and safeguarding, where appropriate?

The course creator and facilitator, Donna Green, is a highly experienced hypnotherapist, trainer and supervisor. Former supervision director of the NCH, Donna also has a successful corporate training practice.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn:

Health & Safety Learning agreement (incl. Diversity statement)
What is Risk and why is it important to assess/manage? The link to Safeguarding Children and Adults The Role of DBS Conditional Confidentiality and Information Sharing
What questions ask/information share: before first meeting (consider room set up and lone working) at first meeting (reference to PH9 GAD 7 etc) on on-going basis
What do we need to seek informed consent for?
What would a ‘good’ contract contain?
Contracting with Clients/Guardians
Note Taking · Expectations · Facts v Opinion · Assumptive Language · Retention of Records

Course Structure: This is an intensive one-day course in a ‘real-time’ guided interactive format conducted on Zoom. It is not pre-recorded. Training notes will be provided to accompany the course

Date of event: 26th September 2020

Duration of Event: 1 day

Name of trainer: Donna Green

Tel bookings: 0121 444 1110

Email bookings: info@cecch.com

Website: http://www.centralenglandcollege.org

Maximum number of participants: 14

Cost of Course: £160.00

Cost for NCH members: £130.00

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: CPD certification will be provided online