⭐ 15th September 2020 – Introduction to using meditation with your clients

CPD Event title: Introduction to using meditation with your clients

Brief Description Of Event: Meditation is a great tool to integrate into our work with clients. This short-course will provide you with the knowledge to be able to achieve that and provide extra value to your clients.

We will cover:
• What is meditation when is it useful to clients. Relevant styles and practices.
• How to introduce meditation to clients.
• How and what to teach for the basics
• How to empower clients to practice meditation independently.
• Developing and deepening your own meditation practice.
• Practical ethical and safety issues.

Learning Objectives: To have a clear understanding of the meaning of the term Meditation and the ability to apply Meditation as a tool to be used with therapy clients.

To have a clear understanding of the benefits of Meditation for clients and the ability to enable clients to utilise this Tom for themselves.

To have a clear understanding of the range of basic meditation techniques available and suitable for use in our therapeutic setting.

To have a clear understanding of the practical, ethical and safety considerations related to the use of Meditation with our clients.

Course Structure: This course does not assume any prior knowledge of meditation. The course has three components two of these are optional.

Part one: prior to the day-long workshop attendees will be provided with access to reading materials and recording to use. This optional material can be used as background reading for those new to meditation or revision for those with experience of meditation.

Part two: A full days workshop with a mixture of theory and practice.

Part three: Optional; completion of a reflective practice exercise to be submitted within three months. Participation in to zoom group sessions to share and discuss progress and learning.

Completion of all three elements and receive a certificate in CPD for 2 days of CPD
Completion of the one day workshop only and receive a CPD certificate of attendance for one days of CPD

Date of event: 15th September 2020

Venue for event: West Midlands House, Gipsy Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2HA

Name of trainer: Andrea Bradley

Tel bookings: 01922 639142

Email bookings: andrea@walsallmindandbody.co.uk

Website: http://www.Walsallmindandbody.co.uk

Maximum number of participants: 12

Cost of Course: £120 for the complete course, £95 for the day workshop only

Cost for NCH members: £10 for the complete course, £80 for the day workshop only

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Bookings for this course close on the evening of Tuesday the 8th of September. If you have any questions concerning the course or it’s contents please contact me direct.

The day will include free tea coffee and biscuits morning and afternoon. Please either be prepared to bring a packed lunch or to go out to eat during lunch break. The venue is next to the town centre and a number of options exist to obtain food including a cafe on the same site and a pub on the corner that provides bar snacks.
If you decide to stay overnight please contact me and I can provide advise on local accommodation. If you are traveling by train I may be able to arrange a taxi at a reasonable fee from the railway station.