Therapy CPD: ⭐ – Working with Children and Adolescents – Online Diploma Certificate

CPD Event title: Working with Children and Adolescents – Online Diploma Certificate

Brief Description Of Event: Many therapists tend to shy away from treating children for the simple reason that they don’t feel comfortable or we just don’t know what approach to take, as children do not readily respond to the standard adult inductions or regimens. This training offers the specialised techniques required for this work. For anyone primarily trained in treating adults, the difference in the responses of a child can be very disconcerting. However, once those differences are understood, the process can be surprisingly easy and very rewarding. Children are usually free of the sort of expectations that can inhibit adults and so are often more receptive to change work. It requires a ‘letting-go’ of many of the givens in treating adults and the embracing of a much more playful way of working. Once we achieve that level of comfort, working with children can become a joy.

Learning Objectives: • Child logic and psychology • Piaget’s theory of cognitive development • Special factors in treating the under 6s • Special factors in treating children between 6-12 • Special factors in treating adolescents • Male/female differences • Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines • Confidentiality • Essential foundation skills • Common problem initiators • Commonly encountered problems (over 25 problems included) • Analysing the micro-dynamics of the problem • Inductions and deepening techniques for children • Hypnotherapeutic treatment interventions • Behavioural interventions • Case studies

Course Structure: Online Upon enrolment, you will be sent the course material via email. To make best use of this course, it is suggested you read through all of the material at least once or twice, before starting to answer the questions at the end of the sections. If you have difficulty in answering any question, go back and re-read the relevant part again. When you feel confident that you have absorbed the content, get in touch with us and we will send you the final assessment for you to complete and return for marking. We offer support throughout. Upon a successful assessment, you will be issued with a Diploma Certificate and registered as having completed the course, which is equivalent to 15 CPD hours. The assessor holds a Royal Society of Arts NVQ award in psychotherapy/hypnotherapy training.

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Name of trainer: PSI Training

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Cost of Course: £125

Cost for NCH members: £100

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