Therapy CPD: ⭐ – Working with Eating Disorders – Online Diploma Certificate

CPD Event title: Working with Eating Disorders – Online Diploma Certificate

Brief Description Of Event: Eating disorders predominantly affect women during teenage years, however, boys, and adults of both sexes can also be affected. Eating disorders are the outward expression of deeper psychological and emotional problems. Although food seems the focus of these complaints, it is the inner problems which need dealing with in order to resolve them. Eating disorders are rarely simple issues about food. One of the most common failures of conventional treatments is that ALL the focus is on food. In hospital in-patient treatment for anorexia, for example, a carrot-and-stick approach is used to get the patient’s weight up. Sadly, however successful this may be while they are actually in hospital, the patient usually reverts to the original behaviour as soon as they are out. This is where approaches like Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can be so much more effective. This CPD Masterclass covers various eating disorders and other food-focused problems and the factors that typically underlie them and will extend your therapeutic repertoire in an area that is increasingly prevalent in society.

Learning Objectives: • What is an Eating Disorder? • Hunger and Appetite • Body Image and Self Worth • Food Psychology (incl. Habits, Food Addition, Willpower, Dieting) • Eating and Emotions • Common Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, BED) • Less Common Disorders (ARFID, Pica, Rumination, Orthorexia) • Sub-Types of Eating Disorders • Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale • Factors Relating to Eating Disorders • Theories of Origin of Eating Disorders • Prevalence (incl. Recovery Rates, Eating Disorders in Males) • Healthy Eating Regime • Conventional Interventions – Physical and Psychological Therapy, Familial Involvement, Co-Morbidity • Therapeutic Interventions (incl. Systematic Problem Analysis, Setting Goals, Denial, Resistance and Commitment) • Specific Hypnotherapeutic Treatment interventions • Who Else Should be Involved? • Therapist Resources • Case Studies

Course Structure: Online Upon enrolment, you will be sent the course material via email. To make best use of this course, it is suggested you read through all of the material at least once or twice, before starting to answer the questions at the end of the sections. If you have difficulty in answering any question, go back and re-read the relevant part again. When you feel confident that you have absorbed the content, get in touch with us and we will send you the final assessment for you to complete and return for marking. We offer support throughout. Upon a successful assessment, you will be issued with a Diploma Certificate and registered as having completed the course, which is equivalent to 15 CPD hours. The assessor holds a Royal Society of Arts NVQ award in psychotherapy/hypnotherapy training.

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