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CPD Event title: KidsMatters® Children’s Hypnotherapy Training

Brief Description Of Event: KidsMatters® is a trademarked course designed to provide everything you need to work effectively and ethically with children. To work well with children requires a whole different skill set and this course provides you with resources, scripts and protocols for working with a wide range of issues which children commonly present with. It teaches you how to incorporate fun and games into your sessions and how to work as a team with a child’s parents. Dr. Claire Jack has worked with the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, bringing this knowledge to consultants, and is one of Psychology Today’s experts, writing about hypnotherapy, children and other issues. As a KidsMatters™ therapist, you will have the confidence to create a supportive therapeutic environment, which taps into a child’s own understanding of the world around him or her. You will master a range of techniques which you can use to help that child take control of any issues which have affected her negatively and develop skills which he/she will have for the rest of his/her life.

Learning Objectives: The course covers: • Team working with parents • Ethical and legal requirements for working with children using hypnosis • Fun and games • Child friendly hypnotic inductions • Child friendly hypnotic language • Self-hypnosis • Story telling and metaphors • Adopting a solution focused approach • Using anchors – creating superheroes! • CBT-hypnosis • Letting go of trauma • Mindfulness
The course then provides protocols, using the above techniques, for working with: • Self-esteem issues • Self-destructive behaviour • Bullying • Bed wetting • Anxiety • Eating disorders • “Picky” eating • Phobias • Exam nerves • Thumb sucking and other habits • Concentration problems • Pain management

Course Structure: You will be provided with a comprehensive manual which covers both the theory and application of working with children. Working with children is very different to working with adults and if you are a qualified hypnotherapist you will learn completely new skills. If you are not a qualified hypnotherapist, you will learn how to encourage children to use their imaginations in an effective and fun manner, sue story telling and encourage children to access their own unique ‘superhero’ powers. You will also be provided with a range of scripts and suggestions for how to organise your sessions. I will be there to support you with a mix of Skype/Zoom tutorials and I will also answer emails and phone calls as requested.
In addition to teaching materials, the course is supported by: • Free supervision for 3 months • 2 hour-long Skype tutorials during training • Extensive resources including client forms and information sheets • Protocols for dealing with a range of issues

Date of event:

Duration of Event: days

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Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

Tel bookings: 07881853229

Email bookings: info@academyinnermind.co.uk

Website: academy-of-the-inner-mind.teachable.com/p/kidsmatters

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Cost of Course: £299

Cost for NCH members: £249

How to claim discount: During the checkout process, use the coupon code NCH to apply discount.

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