⭐ 1 May, 2021 – EMDR for Hypnotherapists

CPD Event title: EMDR for Hypnotherapists

Brief Description Of Event: Due to recent events, the landscape of hypnotherapy has changed and more therapists than ever before are working online. Our EMDR training course has been enhanced to reflect this and now includes training and techniques specifically for online applications, and the best way to learn and practice online techniques is online. Our EMDR course has now been expanded to three days, although the price will remain at the standard two-day rate until further notice. The first two days of training (1st and 2nd May) are live online, via Zoom, where you will learn about EMDR, the use of EMDR online and how to apply the standard protocol and how to adapt it to suit a range of client needs. This is a highly practical weekend and makes full use of Zoom breakout rooms. You will then be able to practice and use the standard protocol. In addition, you will be able to engage with the activities and discussions in the private EMDR Facebook group. The final day of training (11th July**) is in person. Here you will learn more about the face-to-face applications of EMDR, together with advanced techniques including resource development and future pacing. There will also be plenty of practical work to develop your in-person EMDR skills and deepen your understanding. This course is designed to give hypnotherapists EMDR tools and approaches to use within their hypnotherapy practice. You will learn: Techniques: – Assessing contra-indications – Preparation and information gathering – Metaphors for EMDR – Working with SUD and VOC scales – Using bilateral stimulation and eye movements (finger sweep, clicks and taps) – Bilateral stimulation using technology – Processing images, beliefs, emotions and sensations – Working through blocks and loops – Closing interim and final sessions – Self-use of bilateral stimulation
Theory: – The theory of trauma – PTSD perspectives – Processing disturbance
Protocols for: Past trauma, Recent trauma, Phobias, Anxieties, Anger, Ego strengthening, Positive Enhancement and Future pacing.

Learning Objectives: Participants will gain practical and theoretical understanding of how to use EMDR techniques and principles within their hypnotherapy practice.

Course Structure: This is a blended learning course, with two days online and one day (optional) in person.

Date of event: May 1, 2021

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: 2 days live online (Zoom) and 1 day at the Royal Horseguards Hotel (Westminster, London).

Name of trainer: Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

Tel bookings:

Email bookings:

Website: hypnotc.com/emdr-for-hypnotherapists/

Maximum number of participants: 20

Cost of Course: £250

Cost for NCH members: £199

How to claim discount: Use the HypnoTC graduate payment option and email Kate your name and NCH membership number to – info@drkatehypno.com

Additional information/requirements: The majority of this EMDR course is practical and you will be expected to participate, both giving and receiving EMDR. You do not need to have experienced trauma to participate. You are requested to focus your own experience on minor issues. If you wish to work through a significant trauma, please address this in therapy outside of this workshop. **Please note that the in-person date may change if the government roadmap changes or other restrictions occur. If you only wish to attend the online element, then you may. You will receive a certificate of attendance. The workshop price is the same, whether you choose to attend the third day (in person) or not.