⭐ 9 October, 2021 – Alchemy today with Christine Driver – Online Workshop

CPD Event title: Alchemy today with Christine Driver – Online Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: What is alchemy? Historically alchemy was a deeply spiritual and philosophical process in which the aim was to find the essence ofbeing, the quintessence, and not just to turn base metal into gold.  Are these ideas still relevant today?  The principles of alchemy and the alchemical process are, in fact, still pertinent today in terms of the ongoing search to find meaning and understanding about life and about ourselves.  These ideas can help us understand the dynamics of relationships as well as the impact and challenges society faces today.  

Learning Objectives: Workshop Aims 
By the end of this workshop you will have: 
1.Input about the philosophy and ideas behind the art of alchemy. 2.Exploration about alchemy and its links to personal and inter-personal issues. 3.An understanding of how alchemy helps us understand the dynamics of relationships and social interaction and society today.   

Course Structure: Outline  
During this workshop, we will examine alchemical processes and explore how we can use the language of alchemy to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and relationships.  We will also consider alchemy as a metaphor that can help us consider the social, digital and relational challenges of the twenty-first century and how they impact us.    

Date of event: Oct 9, 2021

Duration of Event: days

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Name of trainer: Dr. Christine Driver 

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Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/144475093895

Maximum number of participants: 24

Cost of Course: Qualified Practitioners £80; Counselling/Psychotherapy Trainees £70

Cost for NCH members: £

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