⭐ 12 February, 2022 – Working with suicide with Kirstie Adamson

CPD Event title: Working with suicide with Kirstie Adamson

Brief Description Of Event: Suicide is on the increase and Samaritans say that more understanding can help support those at risk. 4 in 5 of all suicides in UK are by men (ONS). In 2015, 6,188 suicides were registered in the UK (ONS). Actual figures are probably far larger because of the amount of deaths registered as misadventure. Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, said: “Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 50, and more women are taking their own lives each year. Death by suicide is never inevitable, but for a person who is overwhelmed by feelings and events that appear insurmountable, it can seem like the only answer.”
Working with a suicidal client can raise many issues. This workshop will help you look at how to assess risk when working with a suicidal client and be clear what your responsibilities are. We will consider the implications and issues about breaking confidentiality and will look at any relevant legal issues.

Learning Objectives: During this workshop we will be able to explore the following questions:
1.How do you assess risk especially in men? 2.What do you do when you think your client is going to kill him/herself? How does it impact you? What are your feelings? 3.What are your responsibilities legal and otherwise? 4.When do you break confidentiality?

Course Structure: Suicide and the threat of suicide can be challenging and frightening for therapists.  This day will provide an opportunity to discuss issues around suicide especially in men, both in terms of practical risk assessment, and the emotional impact that it can have on you, the therapist.  The day will include paired exercises, small group exercises and some whole group discussions. Clinical examples will be given throughout.
The workshop will:
1.Help you look at how to assess risk when working with a suicidal client 2.Get clear what your responsibilities are 3.Consider the implications and issues about breaking confidentiality 4.Look at any relevant legal issues

Date of event: Feb 12, 2022

Duration of Event: 1 days

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Name of trainer: Kirstie Adamson

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Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/147280543069

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Cost of Course: Qualified Practitioners £80; Counselling/Psychotherapy Trainees £70

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