⭐ 30 October, 2021 – The alchemy of dreams and lucid dreaming in therapeutic practice with Melinda Powell – Online Workshop

CPD Event title: The alchemy of dreams and lucid dreaming in therapeutic practice with Melinda Powell – Online Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: How can alchemy help us understand therapeutic processes at work in dreams and dreamwork?  
In Carl Jung’s alchemical model, dreams are viewed as taking us through an alchemical process that reveals our inner gold. When working with our dreams, we can learn how an understanding of alchemical stages and imagery helps us to recognise the psychological and spiritual development that is mirrored in our dreams. By tracking alchemical processes, we can learn how to develop dream awareness in order to better identify and withdraw our projections, transforming how we view ourselves and others. 

Learning Objectives: Workshop Aims 
By the end of the workshop you will: 
1.Be able to discuss what dream awareness is and how it relates to dreamwork dream lucidity and alchemy. 2.Outline fundamental alchemical processes that can be observed in dreams and dream lucidity including colours, imagery and themes associated with the alchemical process.   3.Recognise how the alchemical model relates to the dynamic of projections and their withdrawal.   4.Have an understanding of how to apply this recognition both to the therapeutic process and everyday life.  

Course Structure: During this workshop, we will explore the ways that the alchemical model reveals the therapeutic potential of lucid dreaming. I will begin by sharing a recent dream and use it to illustrate the alchemical principles introduced. This will also be used for an experiential exercise. After an introduction to the lucid state, I will show how the practice of what I call ‘Lucid Surrender’™ can facilitate the withdrawal of projections within the dream. This original application of Jung’s alchemical model to dream lucidity brings new dimensions to our understanding of alchemy, therapeutic practice and lucid dreaming. 
We will outline four alchemical process – separate, dissolve, recombine and fix, explaining how these relate to stages in therapy involved in the recognition, and withdrawal, of projections. To illustrate the process of dream alchemy, I will then draw on alchemical emblems from the Rosarium Philosophorum (The Rosary of the Philosophers, 1550), featured in Carl Jung’s ‘The Psychology of the Transference’. Participants may be asked to share in cluster activities to generate ideas for amplifying the discussion. We will then apply the alchemical model to the introductory dream.  Creative Imagination visualisations related to dream illustrations and guided meditations will also form part of the day. Volunteers will be invited to share their new insights with the group. 

Date of event: Oct 30, 2021

Duration of Event: days

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Name of trainer: Melinda Powell

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Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/147157902247

Maximum number of participants: 20

Cost of Course: Qualified Practitioners £80; Counselling/Psychotherapy Trainees £70

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