21 May, 2022 – Navigating Self and Other in a Changing World with Suzanne Worrica – Online Workshop

CPD Event title: Navigating Self and Other in a Changing World with Suzanne Worrica – Online Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: During this day participants will be invited to explore embodied and habitual patterns of relating to the other/the world and how shifts in the wider social/political field outside the therapy room might be shaping this sense of self.
We have been required to move differently in the public space – to keep a social distance – thereby continuously repeating a physical habit that the body remembers. For many this has been reinforced by social isolation; the body forgets deep and intimate touch or the smell of a close other, that affects social bonds. At the same time we have been moved to consider the way systems in society are structured unfavourably for people of colour and for other marginalised groups. How might this impact on a sense of self and how we relate to the other?
The focus of the workshop is to consider how these changes in the wider field intersect. How might this impact on sense of self, and how might our ‘self’ start dialogue with the client’s? Participants will be invited to embody patterns of movement to explore identities. How might the non-verbal contribute to dialogue or maintain power differentials in the therapy room?

Learning Objectives: By attending this workshop you will:
1.Increase your awareness of how recent and ongoing social change in the wider field intersects and impacts ‘selfing’ – the process of growth and change – and what this means in relationship to others (close others and unknown others). You will have the opportunity to consider how this shows up in the therapy room and what might be useful to ask.  2.Give a better understanding of how patterns of relating, including embodied movement patterns, are shaping our sense of self and how this might impact relationships.  3.Lead to a better understanding of unconscious bias and how the body might unknowingly play a part in othering.  4.Provide the space to explore fears and hopes for future relationships with ourselves and others.

Course Structure: Outline
This workshop will include a presentation and case studies. There will be experiential exercises, such as role play and visualisation in individual and pair work. There will be exercises designed to explore body posture and inner sensations.

Date of event: May 21, 2022

Duration of Event: days

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Name of trainer: Suzanne Worrica

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Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/153129096249

Maximum number of participants: 25

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