7 October, 2021 – HypnoPregnancy Practitioner Training (Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth)

CPD Event title: HypnoPregnancy Practitioner Training (Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth)

Brief Description Of Event: Would you like to learn how to help couples with fertility and birthing? Our training is unique and brings together our combined 30 years of experience as Clinical Hypnotherapists specialising in the area of fertility and hypnobirthing. Marcia has appeared on the local radio talking about her fertility work and both Marcia and Julie have attended the London Fertility show as part of Natural Fertility UK.

Learning Objectives: Day 1 – Fertility
How hypnosis helps and supports clients with fertility challenges including: Helping those going through fertility treatment Treatment ideas, techniques and strategies Tapping for past healing, present worries and blocks for getting pregnant Scripts and hypnosis suggestions
Day 2 – Pregnancy / Hypnobirthing
How hypnosis helps clients once pregnant and through birthing preparation including: Treatment ideas, techniques and strategies Tapping for past healing, future fears and birth preparation Hypnobirthing scripts and hypnosis suggestions Skills and tools for positive parenting

Course Structure: We offer two versions of the course, the first version (option 1 | £295) is to learn all you need to know to help fertility and hypnobirthing clients. The 2nd version (option 2 | £450) is our ‘business in a box’ which enables you to become HypnoPregnancy Practitioners, and appear on our website as well as having exclusive access to all our materials including powerpoints, manuals, worksheets and recordings to run your own Hypnobirthing sessions and workshops.

Date of event: Oct 7, 2021

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Marcia Tillman & Julie Taylor

Tel bookings: 07739 263771

Email bookings: info@lifeclinics.com

Website: hypnopregnancy.co.uk/practitioner-training/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £295 / £450

Cost for NCH members: £

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