⭐ 30 October, 2021 – Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attack and PTSD Programme – One Day CPD Workshop

CPD Event title: Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attack and PTSD Programme – One Day CPD Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: This workshop offers a step by step guide on how to successfully help your clients through their issues Anxiety is probably the number one reason why clients come to see Hypnotherapists and this special training Workshop gives you an opportunity to learn our unique Treatment Programme which incorporates methods of overcoming Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks and PTSD. The Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to be up and running immediately with this proved tried and tested system.

Learning Objectives: On the Workshop you will learn: • How to understand stress, anxiety, stress and panic • How to establish if a client is suffering from PTSD • What happens psychologically and physiologically to us in times of stress • The difference between stress, anxiety and PTSD • How to check and monitor your clients anxiety or PTSD levels • A step by step guide to our 6 week Programme • All relevant scripts and forms to use with the programme • Information packs for your clients that will educate, inspire and motivate them • Coping skills for anxiety stress and to give immediate relief from symptoms • Dealing with blockages

Course Structure: This workshop is live via Zoom Commences at 10am Break at 11.15 for 15 minutes Break for lunch at 12.30pm for 30 minutes Recommence at 1pm Break at 3.15pm The workshop will finish at approximately 4.30pm

Date of event: Oct 30, 2021

Duration of Event: 1 day

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Clem Turner

Tel bookings: 07960788093

Email bookings: mags@clemturner.co.uk

Website: clemturner.co.uk/product/anxiety-stress-and-panic-attack-programme/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £170

Cost for NCH members: £150

How to claim discount: Members should quote their membership number on booking

Additional information/requirements: Your Tutor: Clem Turner Clem has specialized in helping clients who are suffering from anxiety and PTSD since 2004. Over the years he has designed his own protocol for dealing with many issues relating to anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression and PTSD. His unique 6-week structured programme is the subject of this workshop, guiding delegates through in a step by step approach.