11 March, 2022 – Positive Psychology for Hypnotherapists – Live on Zoom

CPD Event title: Positive Psychology for Hypnotherapists – Live on Zoom

Brief Description Of Event: Would you like to learn simple tools and interventions from the science of Positive Psychology to help increase your client’s wellbeing, reduce anxiety and depression and increase resilience? This two-day training is led by Marcia Eden (Tillman) a Clinical Hypnotherapist with nearly 20 years of experience, who has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.

Learning Objectives: In this training Marcia will share some key positive psychology interventions that you can teach your clients both in their session and as their wellbeing tasks at home. She will show you how you can use the power of Hypnotherapy to embed these techniques into your client’s wellbeing toolbox.
Positive psychology is a science that studies and applies what makes life worth living and how humans and communities ‘flourish’. It looks at what is ‘right’ with humans as opposed to what is ‘wrong’. It focusses on the positive aspects of life, studying positive attributes like strength, well-being, flourishing, happiness, virtue, self-esteem, kindness, flow, resilience, gratitude, wisdom and optimism.

Course Structure: During the two days you will learn how exercises linked to gratitude, kindness, optimism, clients’ strengths, mindfulness and meditation can help your clients and the evidence behind them.
This training is open to Hypnotherapists and Student Hypnotherapists.
Your investment is £295.

Date of event: Mar 11, 2022

Duration of Event: 2 days

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Name of trainer: Marcia Eden (Tillman)

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Website: lifeclinicstraining.com/apply/

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Cost of Course: £295

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