19 February, 2022 – OCD and intrusive thoughts

CPD Event title: OCD and intrusive thoughts

Brief Description Of Event: This CPD day will give you a greater understanding of intrusive thoughts and the four key categories of OCD

The day will include:
What is OCD and sub-types of OCD What are intrusive thoughts Effective strategies Retraining your brain Not all mindfulness is the same…

Learning Objectives: better understand the structure of OCD as an anxiety condition. Be able to offer effect and evidence-based treatment program

Course Structure: As with all our CPD days, it will be a mix of theory and practice so please do bring along example cases to discuss.

Date of event: Feb 19, 2022

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: mark peters

Tel bookings: 0121 251 6172

Email bookings: mark.peters@balancedapproach.co.uk

Website: birminghamhypnotherapytraining.co.uk/courses/20-ocd-intrusive-thoughts-and-dissociative-disorder-did.html

Maximum number of participants: 12

Cost of Course: £100

Cost for NCH members: £

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