⭐ 13 November, 2022 – Somasense® Practitioner Training

CPD Event title: Somasense® Practitioner Training

Brief Description Of Event: When we’re working with clients, sometimes it can be hard to move them forwards from a “stuck” point. The mind and body are so closely linked that when we’ve experienced past trauma, it can remain stored in the body. “Top down” approaches focus on changing things at a cognitive level, but sometimes people benefit from a “bottom up” approach: focusing on identifying and releasing somatic experiences. Somasense® combines somatic approaches with hypnotherapy to provide a powerful way of working with the mind-body connection.

Learning Objectives: During this workshop we will cover: What is the mind:body connection? Sensory scanning Information processing Limbic system Autonomic Nervous System Vagus Nerve Freeze response Long term effects of failing to discharge after freeze Long lasting effects of information processing Helping clients deal with long term effects Top down & bottom up approaches SomasenseTM protocol Somatically aware inductions Somatic narrative Somatic release Healing and reintegration

Course Structure: It is assumed that you have a good understanding of hypnotherapy and are either a qualified hypnotherapist or are nearing the end of your training. During the first half of the workshop, we shall cover the neuroscience of the fight, flight and freeze responses. We will then practice various approaches for helping your clients to experience a sense of somatic awareness, release and movement. Following completion of the workshop, you will be able to call yourself a Somasense® Practitioner.
All client resources, forms and scripts are included within the workshop.

Date of event: Nov 13, 2022

Duration of Event: days

Venue for event: Live Zoom

Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

Tel bookings:

Email bookings: info@academyinnermind.co.uk

Website: www.academyinnermind.co.uk

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £299

Cost for NCH members: £150

How to claim discount: Please email directly at info@academyinnermind.co.uk stating that you are a member of NCH and wish to enrol on this course.

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