⭐ 23 July, 2022 – Working with Children and Adolescents – One Day Workshop

CPD Event title: Working with Children and Adolescents – One Day Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: Children and adolescents are increasingly suffering from mental health issues. This subject is frequently discussed on Radio, TV and in newspapers and we are seeing an increasing number of children within our own practice. Working with children and adolescents requires great care and patience and is very different from treating adults. Over the last 14 years The Clem & Margaret Turner Therapy Practice have developed a programme specifically for working with children and adolescents. This one-day Workshop offers a step by step guide to the programme covering a variety of different issues including behavioural problems, habits, lack of confidence, self-esteem, bed wetting, hair pulling, eating issues, exam nerves, bullying, anger and many more.

Learning Objectives: On the Workshop you will learn: • What has changed in society to cause increasing problems for children and adolescents? • What is the programme and how does it help? • Stages of children’s development • What other help is available for children • Legal and ethical requirements for working with children • Working with parent/parents or guardian • Using the programme with children and adolescents including how to build rapport • A variety of common children’s issues and how best to deal with them • A variety of inductions suitable for different stages of development • A variety of deepeners suitable for different stages of development • A variety of post hypnotic suggestions suitable for different stages of development • A variety of scripts suitable for different stages of development • How to create your own scripts which are suitable for children • Dealing with children who have learning difficulties eg. ADHA, Asperger’s, Dyslexia etc.

Course Structure: This workshop is live via Zoom Commences at 10.30am Break at 11.30 for 15 minutes Break for lunch at 1pm for 30 minutes Recommence at 1.30pm Break at 3.15pm Recommence at 3.30 Workshop ends at approximately 4.30pm

Date of event: Jul 23, 2022

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: On-line Live via Zoom

Name of trainer: Clem Turner

Tel bookings: 07960788093

Email bookings: mags@clemturner.co.uk

Website: clemturner.co.uk/product/working-with-children-and-adolescents/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £170

Cost for NCH members: £150

How to claim discount: Members should quote their membership number when booking

Additional information/requirements: Tutor: Clem Turner Clem has been successfully working with children and adolescents with their many different issues for the past 14 years. He has developed the programme which is based not only on Hypnotherapy but also includes other treatments which children respond well to. He is a provider for the Listening Programme and the Learning Breakthrough which are both for children with learning difficulties. The cost of the Workshop includes all scripts, forms, power point presentation and certificate of attendance.