⭐ – Stress Management & Resilience Building: a 6-day Course

CPD Event title: Stress Management & Resilience Building: a 6-day Course

Brief Description Of Event: Gain the skill set and certification needed to deliver group workshops in stress management and enhance your work with individual clients. Learn an extensive, powerful toolkit of evidence-based techniques, strategies and interventions for stress management to deliver in both individual and group settings. You will obtain a Certificate in Stress Management and Resilience Building and the post-nominals Cert. SMRB.

Learning Objectives: – Learn how to work effectively with clients suffering from a wide range of stress related issues. – Learn how to design and deliver stress management training in the workplace. – Understand the stress management approach. – Assess your client’s stress response and their triggers and symptoms. – Design treatment plans and exercises to calm the body and mind – and then build well-being and resilience. – Understand both the physiology and neuroscience of stress; firstly how to assess and work at the level of physiological stress response, and secondly, how to take advantage of principles of neuroplasticity to create deep, lasting change. – Understand the psychology of stress, especially how to assess and work at the level of psychological factors increasing or maintaining a maladaptive stress response. – Build your core knowledge and an extensive, powerful toolkit of techniques, strategies and interventions to your client therapy sessions and their journey back to health and resilient well-being. – Design a stress management workshop for your chosen sector!

Course Structure: This is a live 6-day course via Zoom from 10am – 6pm. Each day consists of lectures, group discussions, videos and practical exercises.

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Duration of Event: 6 days

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Name of trainer: Shelley Cushway & Sue Sawyer

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Website: www.ukhypnosis.com/event/live-webcast-training-stress-management-and-resilience-course-october-2022/

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Cost of Course: £645

Cost for NCH members: £580.50

How to claim discount: Discount code for 10% off pay in full and payment plan: nch-discount-smrb-oct22
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