⭐ 1 September, 2022 – Techniques for Healing the Fractured Self (Ego State Approaches)

CPD Event title: Techniques for Healing the Fractured Self (Ego State Approaches)

Brief Description Of Event: This course has a duration of 9 days spread over 3 months.
Ego state therapy is a powerful psychodynamic therapeutic approach that uses techniques found in group and family therapy. Working with a ‘family of selves’ (or sub personalities) it helps to identify and work with those ego states experiencing turmoil whilst offering clients effective ways of gaining better control of their emotions and lives. This brief strategic therapy is a therapy in its own right. However, it has been shown to integrate well with other psychological approaches including behavioural, humanistic, EMDR, CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy.
This course provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to effectively integrate Ego State Therapy into their clinical practice. This practical blended learning course is taught through a combination of live virtual lectures, practice sessions, accompanied by access to our online learning environment that holds supplementary notes, video lectures and demonstrations.

Learning Objectives: – Learn the skills to be an effective Ego State Therapy practitioner – Understand the nature and development of ego states – Be able to identify symptoms and conditions which respond to Ego State Therapy – Acquire strategies to treat emotional pain and psychological trauma – Strategies to help clients heal fractured or emotionally damaged mindsets – Explore bridging approaches to access ego states – Working with malevolent ego states and introjects

Course Structure: – 1st September 2022: Access to online material – 14th September 2022: Live briefing – 20th September 2022: Live virtual lecture: Ego State Theory – 23rd and 24th September 2022: Live virtual practical training – 15th and 16th October 2022: Live virtual practical training – 1st November 2022: Live virtual lecture: Physical and sexual abuse, and rape – 8th November 2022: Live virtual lecture: Abusive relationships and emotional abuse – 15th November 2022: Live virtual lecture: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Date of event: Sep 1, 2022

Duration of Event: 9 days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Peter Mabbutt FBSCH FNCIP and Bill Frost BSCH

Tel bookings: +44 (0) 7522 191701

Email bookings: riska.kooiker@lscch.global

Website: www.lscch.co.uk/ego-statesand-healing

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £575

Cost for NCH members: £517.50

How to claim discount: – If booking through the website, once you have selected the course and are in the shopping basket, enter NCH2022 into the promo code box. – If registering via email or phone, please confirm your NCH membership and quote promo code NCH2022.

Additional information/requirements: Whether booking via the website, email or phone, delegates can pay a deposit of £200 (less 10% NCH discount by using promo code NCH2022) at time of booking and then pay the balance of £375 (less 10% NCH discount by using promo code NCH2022) by the end of the month in which the course begins (30.09.2022)