⭐ 1 October, 2022 – EMDR and Psychological Trauma

CPD Event title: EMDR and Psychological Trauma

Brief Description Of Event: EMDR is a comprehensive psychotherapy that is a fast and effective approach for treating a wide range of psychopathologies and self-esteem issues. This course provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to effectively integrate EMDR into their clinical practice. This practical blended course is taught through a combination of live virtual lectures, practice sessions, accompanied by access to our online learning environment that holds supplementary notes, video lectures and demonstrations.

Learning Objectives: – Develop a thorough protocol for stabilisation of clients prior to the application of EMDR – Understand the criteria for client selection and how to apply EMDR to specific cases – Develop strategies to identify and effectively resolve problem areas using EMDR protocols – Identify and implement the 8 phases of EMDR therapy – Understand and use SUDs scale, VOC scale and the reprocessing of memory – Understand the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model – Acquire resources to use with difficult or resistant clients – Explore strategies to treat: – Trauma-related disorders – Phobias – both simple and complex – Panic attacks and panic disorder – Weight management, – Unhealthy / unhelpful behaviour patterns – Relationship breakdown – Bereavement – Pain – physical and emotional – Smoking – Explore the use of EMDR for ego strengthening and resource acquisition

Course Structure: Course duration is 11 days spread over 3 months as follows:
– 1st October 2022: Access to online material – 12th October 2022: Live briefing – 20th October 2022: Live virtual lecture: EMDR Theory – 29th and 30th October 2022: Live virtual practical training – 5th and 6th November 2022: Live virtual practical training – 20th November 2022: Live virtual lecture: Psychological trauma – 26th and 27th November 2022: Live virtual practical training – 3rd and 4th December 2022: Live virtual practical training

Date of event: Oct 1, 2022

Duration of Event: 11 days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Peter Mabbutt FBSCH FNCIP and Bill Frost BSCH

Tel bookings: +44 (0) 7522 191701

Email bookings: riska.kooiker@lscch.global

Website: www.lscch.co.uk/eye-movement-desensitisation

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £575

Cost for NCH members: £517.50

How to claim discount: – If registering through the website, select the course, and when in the shopping basket, enter the promo code NCH2022. – If registering by phone or email, please confirm your NCH membership and quote promo code NCH2022.

Additional information/requirements: Whether registering online or via phone or email, delegates can either pay in full at time of registration or pay a deposit of £180 (£200 less 10% discount for NCH members) at time of registration and the balance of £337.50 (£375 less 10% discount for NCH members) by the end of the month in which the EMDR course starts (so balance by 31.10.2022 for this EMDR course)