⭐ 29 October, 2022 – Inner Child Masterclass

CPD Event title: Inner Child Masterclass

Brief Description Of Event: The ‘inner child’ is a concept found within many therapeutic traditions and is one that helps explain the development of personality over time. In a healthy functioning individual, the ‘inner child’ is functionally integrated into the personality. However, when maladaptive and dysfunctional integration occurs, or where the ‘inner child’ is damaged during or after creation, then a variety of dissociative, behavioural, and cognitive issues occur. Traditionally associated with the resolution of sexual abuse, the ‘inner child’ idea has evolved to encompass many non-trauma related issues and can now be applied, for example, to performance enhancement approaches.
This CPD event will explore ways of effectively working with your own and your client’s ‘inner child’. It will also look at the ‘inner child’ in relation to the psychopathology of a variety of presenting symptoms.

Learning Objectives: Concept of the ‘inner child’:
– ‘Inner child’ or ‘inner children’? – The ‘inner child’ beyond trauma – Emotional, behavioural, and cognitive aspects of the ‘inner child’ – The ‘inner child’ and beliefs – Trauma in relation to the ‘inner child’ – The playful and creative ‘inner child’ – The time-frozen ‘inner child’
Inner child interventions:
– Integrating the ‘inner child’ process into therapy – Inner child’ worksheets – Working with parent, adult and child ego states – The ‘inner child’ as a bridge to regression – The ‘inner child’ and wellbeing – ‘Inner child’ for performance enhancement – ‘Inner child’ and third and fourth wave psychotherapies

Course Structure: Live Zoom webinar over 2 half days: 29th and 30th October 2022 9:30am-1:30pm UK time

Date of event: Oct 29, 2022

Duration of Event: 2 days

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Name of trainer: Peter Mabbutt FBSCH FNCIP

Tel bookings: +44 (0) 7522 191701

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Website: www.lscch.co.uk/event-details/inner-child-masterclass

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Cost of Course: £50

Cost for NCH members: £45

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