Updated Training in the New CBT – TactileCBT

CPD Event title: Updated Training in the New CBT – TactileCBT

Brief Description Of Event: The Therapists Training Manual summarise the origins of Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT and the developmental process that has led to its current position in the therapeutic field. Participants will be able to incorporate the training into their client offering immediately. The manual will – Describe the theories and research that underpin TactileCBT. Explain the differences between TactileCBT and other CBT-based interventions, and the contribution that it makes to the field of therapy. Demonstrate how Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT can be used to enhance and further develop current clinical practice. Finally it will show how you can apply Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT techniques to improve the well-being and outcomes of clients immediately. A re-printable Client Work Book is included. • How Pause Button Therapy/TactileCBT can change their lives • The alternative choices and actions they have. • How to develop an emotional connection. • The Theory of Time Perspective and its importance. • The role of thoughts • Why they should record their therapy journey.

Learning Objectives: The Manual is focussed on the introduction of the new ‘cutting edge’ advances in CBT. Demonstrating to the therapist how they can introduce the new approach into their practice immediately.
It should be noted that CBT was developed over 50 years ago, much has changed.

Course Structure: This new upgrade to CBT has been the subject of several European University Presentations. The book written by the Shirrans was a best seller, published by Hay House, the foreword was written by Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University. The TactileCBT training manual is extensive. Consequently, it aims to provide a sound understanding of the approach and the skills required to integrate the CBT extension into your current client work practice. The training manual is offered at the level of continuing professional development. It is not a comprehensive training programme in CBT. And obviously it does not qualify readers to practice as therapists. Rather, it offers introductory training in a therapeutic approach that will supplement and extend existing therapeutic qualifications and skills.

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Name of trainer: Produced by Martin and Mariobn Shirran along with Dr Sarah Clarke

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Website: pausebuttontherapy.com

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Cost of Course: £54

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Additional information/requirements: Pause Button Therapy – TactilCBT has been featured in the worlds media. Martin and Marion Shirran were invited to New York to appear on the Good Morning America TV show, they also appeared on the This Morning Show in London. Featured by Psychologies Magazine and presented at several European University presentations the work has been endorsed by Professor Zimbardo of Stanford University in the US and Professor Dryden of Goldsmiths University in London. Whats it all about – So, how helpful would it be, if in just a few sessions, we could show our patients/clients how it was possible at a cognitive level, to freeze time, for a few seconds? What if they could press pause, just like when they were watching a movie? And then use that time, to consider the consequences of the actions they were about to take, simultaneously weighing up the possible alternatives? Would they snap at their husband, or wife, so sharply? Or would they shout at their child when they’re winding them up? Would their child think twice about bullying? And potentially, would a young gang member think of the consequences of their actions if they pulled a knife? How many people have written a text message, pressed ‘Send’, then a minute later desperately wished they had paused and thought it through first?