⭐ – Past Life Regression & Therapy Diploma Course.

CPD Event title: Past Life Regression & Therapy Diploma Course.

Brief Description Of Event: This in an on-line on-demand course that you can follow at your own pace, with 1-2-1 support with you tutor Gavin Bowtell, through email throughout the duration of the course, with optional end of lesson quizzes to help consolidate your learning.
This course is for qualified hypnotherapist looking for a better understanding of Past Life Regression Therapy.
This course is a “business in a box”; over 4 lessons you will learn all you need to provide effective past life regression therapy.

Learning Objectives: Past Life Regression & Therapy is a “business in a box”. Over 4 lessons you will learn all you need to provide effective past life regression therapy to your clients in-person, via zoom, or by telephone.
What do clients access during Past Life Regression? Is it genetic memory or connection with those in Spirit? Are they tapping into Akashic records? Is it just pure fantasy or wishful thinking?
Why do clients request Past Life Regression? How does the healing happen? Can these experiences be verified?
All these questions and many many more are addressed in this course, along 6 cases studies, suggestions for further reading and tips on how to market your PLR practice you will also introduced you to easy to follow tried and tested methods for conducting past life regressions that allow you and your client to proceed with confidence and overcoming many of the most common obstacles. You also receive a full set of scripts to guide you through.

Course Structure: This course is accredited by BOTH the PLTA and ACCPH.
There is a short exam. Once successfully completed you receive your diploma certificate as a JPEG file, PDF, and presentation copy through the post (UK & NI only) ready for immediate framing.
This course is written by Andrew Hillsdon and edited by Gavin Bowtell. Upon successful completion of the course you are entitled to join the Past Life Therapists Association and join its international database of PLR therapists. Once you have completed this course you will be eligible to receive a discount on other selected courses.
Contact me for further details of the course contents. essexmindcoach.co.uk/training/

Date of event:

Duration of Event: days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Gavin Bowtell

Tel bookings: 02081720060

Email bookings: hello@essexmindcoach.co.uk

Website: essexmindcoach.co.uk/training/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £300

Cost for NCH members: £275

How to claim discount: Discounts are success claimed upon presentation of an up to date NCH certificate.

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