⭐ 12 March, 2024 – How to reduce suicide risk – the practical steps you need to know

CPD Event title: How to reduce suicide risk – the practical steps you need to know

Brief Description Of Event: This life-saving online training shows you how to assess risk and work compassionately and successfully with anyone thinking about or planning suicide, or who has survived a previous attempt…

Learning Objectives: What will you learn: Crucial elements in rapport building with suicidal people How to normalise circumstances safely A model for running therapeutic sessions that best manage suicide risk Ways to use your own demeanour to instil confidence in the person who is feeling suicidal Effective information gathering to challenge unhelpful beliefs What to look for in answers to questions A structure for difficult conversations The ability to reframe unhelpful beliefs Understandings about when and why different people consider suicide Methods of risk assessment that do not risk loss of rapport How to use language of influence Effective means to address beliefs about being a burden The setting of realistic and empowering goals Why most suicidal crises are surprisingly temporary How to make best use of the client’s own resources The importance of addressing emotional needs Strategies for client safe self-management between sessions The power of guided imagery for working with suicidal clients How to take care of yourself Accredited CPD Certificate and more…

Course Structure: Course Programme: The ‘How To Reduce Suicide Risk’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm.
9.15am Join the Zoom meeting
9.30am The important first steps for suicide risk management
11.00am Comfort break and discussion
11.30am Working with what the client brings
1.00pm Lunch break
1.45pm Rehearsing the safety plan
2.45pm Comfort break and discussion
3.00pm Putting what you have learned into practice Introduction to exercise scenarios Breakout into groups to work through scenarios featuring different types of clients and different manifestations of suicidal intent Reconvene to discuss group decisions on scenarios Discussion on self care Any other questions
4.00pm Day ends

Date of event: Mar 12, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Human Givens College

Tel bookings: 01323 811690

Email bookings: info@humangivens.com

Website: www.humangivens.com/college/how-to-manage-suicide-risk-live-online-training/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £145

Cost for NCH members: £130.50

How to claim discount: Enjoy 10% OFF with discount code NCH10

Additional information/requirements: Accredited CPD Certificate Recording included Pay in 3 interest-free payments with PayPal Live tutor Q&A The Zoom link will be sent to you (technical support is also available)