⭐ 18 May, 2024 – Hypnotherapist’s Guide: Solution-Focused Questioning and the MQ Workshop

CPD Event title: Hypnotherapist’s Guide : Solution-Focused Questioning and the MQ Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: Online and Interactive with Angie Hayes. For the hypnotherapist, practitioner and student.

Would you like to have some tools and techniques to hand when you come up with that dreaded ‘I Don’t Know’ response repeatedly?

If the answer is yes…
Embark on a transformative journey with Angie Hayes in this introductory workshop on Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). Tailored for therapists and Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, this session is not just an introduction but a gateway to significant changes in your therapy room and practice. Discover how to harness the power of Solution Focused questioning and The Miracle Question to inspire confidence and effect real change in your clients. This workshop is designed to build upon your foundational knowledge and skills, enhancing your practice with the latest, most effective techniques in SFBT and hypnotherapy.


Learning Objectives:

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for SFBT and Hypnotherapists: Deepens existing knowledge and integrates it with the latest SFBT advancements.
  • Comprehensive Workbook: A detailed guide to support your learning.
  • Extensive Question Bank: Over 100 tailored questions for diverse client scenarios and enhancing your questioning skills in therapy sessions.
  • Confidence with SF Questioning: Gain confidence and Master The Miracle Question and SF questioning, vital for both therapy and hypnotherapy.
  • Enhanced Confidence in Practice: Learn to navigate challenging client situations with newfound assurance. Learn the most up-to-date, proven methods in SFBT, keeping your practice at the forefront of the field.

Course Structure: 

The Power of the Right Questions:
This workshop is centred on the skillful art of questioning in SFBT, a crucial aspect for therapists and hypnotherapists alike. It offers strategies to help clients visualise their preferred futures and understand the impact of achieving them. These skills are essential for driving transformation in your practice.

Host’s Credentials:
Angie Hayes, a CPHT trained Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, brings expertise from BRIEF International and learning from figures like Elliott Connie, Chris Iveson, and Evan George. Angie is also a senior lecturer and director of New Horizon Training.

From Lisa Pople: “I liked Angie’s direct approach and learned some key tips about getting the hopes and the preferred picture early on… Finding out what difference this would make to the client’s life was key, as was finding the most important hook in their life at that time.”

Don’t miss out:
This accredited CPD event, priced at just £50, is a crucial stepping stone for therapists and Solution Focused Hypnotherapists looking to update their skills with the latest methodologies in the field. Register now to elevate your practice and bring about significant, positive changes in your therapeutic approach.

A highly fun and interactive event, where there will be numerous opportunities to practice your skills in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Date of event: May 18, 2024

Duration of Event: Half day

Venue for event: Zoom

Name of trainer: Angie Hayes and Hosted by New Horizon Training

Email bookings: enquiries@newhorizontraining.co.uk

Website: www.newhorizontraining.co.uk/events

Maximum number of participants: 15

Cost of Course: £50

Cost for NCH members: £45

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