⭐ 14 April, 2024 – Releasing Trauma Safely – One Day CPD Workshop

CPD Event title: Releasing Trauma Safely – One Day CPD Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: This one day workshop has been developed to help practitioners get a clear understanding about what trauma is and the safest and most effective way to release it. By learning and applying the tools and principles from this training you will help your clients achieve lasting and measurable results.

Why is it so important to resolve traumatic memories?

Because these memories will be repeatedly triggered until a resolution is found, regardless of whether the person is consciously supressing them, or the memories are repressed by their unconscious.

A person has no conscious control over these memories or the trauma response, so they can be triggered anytime and often without warning or understanding of why it is happening.

Unresolved trauma can impede the therapeutic process, especially if you are only taking a solution focused approach. By targeting the root cause your clients wont keep having set backs, and the solution focused work will be even more effective.

Learning Objectives: Subjects covered on the workshop include:

In this CPD will cover the following topics:

•        The 4 categories of unconscious programs that drive all conscious thoughts and behaviour.

•        Why we must prioritise the release of trauma first.

•        How to define trauma to your clients in a simple way that they can understand.

•        What are abreactions and how to avoid them, but also how manage them confidently if they do happen.

•        How to structure your session so that the client feels safe and ready to release even the most challenging memories.

•        How to set a safety anchor to keep the client calm throughout the process.

•        What are perceptual positions, and why is it important to know these when working with trauma specifically.

•        You will learn the NLP version of the Rewind tool, which is the safest approach when working with severe trauma. 

•        You will also learn two additional powerful tools to release the intense emotions from traumatic memories.

•        I will teach you how to release multiple memories simultaneously (series of events) so that you will be able to release decades of trauma in minutes.

Course Structure: This workshop is live via Zoom –
Commences at 9.30am
Break at 11am for 15 minutes
Break for lunch at 1pm
Recommence at 2pm
Break at 3.30pm for 15 minutes
The workshop will finish at approximately 5pm

Date of event: April 14, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: On-line live via Zoom

Name of trainer: James Banfield

Tel bookings:

Email bookings: james@theliberatedmind.co.uk / https://ichangeworks-live-events.as.me/trauma-cpd

Website: https://ichangeworks-live-events.as.me/trauma-cpd

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £95

Cost for NCH members: £75

How to claim discount: Email James directly with your membership number.

Additional information/requirements:

About Your Tutor:
James is a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist. He is also the co-founder of Integrated Changeworks, an online training platform/App for coaches & therapists, and an NCH registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor. His private practice Liberated Life is based in Bingley in West Yorkshire, but James works with all kinds of people from all over the world using his wide range of skills and integrated approach to therapy. He is best known for his signature therapy program which he calls the “Mind Reboot”, which is designed to reduce stress levels, release all trauma, resolve anxious & depressive states, re-program emotional triggers, and collapse any limiting beliefs in just 7 sessions. Therapists from all over the UK are now trained and certified in delivering his Mind Reboot program and he is passionate about helping other practitioners to continue to grow and improve their skills, so that through them, he can help as many people as possible to heal and lead a fulfilling life.
The cost of the workshop includes a copy of the slides, the techniques handouts and a CPD certificate of attendance.