⭐ 13 April, 2024 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Programme – Half Day CPD Workshop

CPD Event title: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Programme – Half Day CPD Workshop

Brief Description Of Event: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Half Day CPD course
Imposter Syndrome is a pervasive issue – affecting nearly 70% of the population at some point in their lives. It transcends gender and impacts individuals across various walks of life. This course delves into the intricacies of this phenomenon, offering a comprehensive understanding of its roots and manifestations. This training enables you to fine-tune your skills in supporting clients wrestling with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.
This course will empower you with targeted strategies and hypnotherapy techniques to dismantle the barriers of imposter syndrome. Elevate your practice, enhance your impact, and join us on this transformative journey to help your clients not just overcome imposter syndrome but feel incredible.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the course, you will be able to:
• Understand the different imposter syndrome archetypes
• Be able to assess and monitor your client’s imposter syndrome symptoms and track improvements
• Understand the impact of imposter syndrome if left unaddressed
• Apply strategic tools and activities to help clients reframe their beliefs
• Feel confident establishing the root cause of imposter syndrome
• Know how to deal with the over analytical mind
• Share coping skills with your clients that give immediate relief from symptoms
You will be guided through the use of a number of techniques and resources that may be helpful when supporting a client with Imposter Syndrome.

Course Structure: Course commences at 9.30am and concludes at 1pm.

Date of event: April 13, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: On-line Live via Zoom

Name of trainer: Helen Hardware

Tel bookings: 07960788093

Email bookings: mags@clemturner.co.uk

Website: clemturner.co.uk/product/overcoming-imposter-syndrome-one-day-cpd-workshop/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £109

Cost for NCH members: £99

How to claim discount: Members should quote their membership number when booking

Additional information/requirements: About your Tutor: Helen Hardware Helen is a former solicitor who quit her career after just 15 months because of crippling imposter syndrome. During her 16 years in banking Helen struggled with her imposter despite a successful corporate career. Whilst qualifying as a hypnotherapist Helen discovered the power of hypnosis to access and unleash her inner confidence which transformed her life and career. Helen is passionate about helping others overcome their fears of success, failure and judgement – and ultimately, the fear of not being good enough. The cost of the workshop includes handouts, all scripts and forms, power point presentation, certificate of attendance plus ongoing support by phone or e-mail.