⭐ 21st January 2018 (1 days) – Pain Management for Hypnotherapists

CPD Event title: Pain Management for Hypnotherapists

Brief Description Of Event: Pain Management for Hypnotherapists CPD Event
How do you work with clients who are experiencing pain? Would you like to develop a greater understanding of pain and how to manage it using a range of hypnotherapy approaches? Join the one-day Pain Management for Hypnotherapists Workshop, find out more and get 6 hours of CPD / 6 CEU credits (NGH).
Pain is estimated to affect between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK, yet the American Psychological Association, consider hypnotherapy is likely to be effective for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain.
For many years, those experiencing pain were treated within the ‘biomedical’ model. The emergence of the ‘biopsychosocial’ model offers a broader range of treatment and management options, including hypnotherapy.
This one-day CPD event is an engaging and interactive workshop for those with a qualification and some experience in hypnosis / hypnotherapy.
Topics include:
• Classifications and types of pain
• Assessing and describing pain
• Emotional influences on pain
• Coping strategies and secondary gains
• Conventional and contemporary management models and treatment
• Hypnotherapy approaches (behavioural, metaphorical, cognitive, analytical, regressive)
• Promoting self-management: client tasks and activities (homework)
• Case studies
A detailed workshop manual will be provided, together with a CPD certificate, indicating 6 hours of CPD.

Learning Objectives: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
– Discuss the different classifications and types of pain that clients may refer to
– Demonstrate and use a range of approaches to assess a client’s pain
– Be aware of the influence of emotions on the client’s experience of pain
– Be aware of a range of helpful and unhelpful coping strategies and secondary gains that a client may use and how to address them
– Discuss a range of conventional and contemporary pain management models and treatment
– Understand and use a range of behavioural, metaphorical, cognitive, analytical and regressive hypnotherapy approaches and techniques
– Teach clients and promote the benefits of appropriate and effective self management activities (client homework)
– Be aware of the impact that effective pain management approaches can have on client quality of life

Course Structure: This is a one day workshop for hypnotherapists, offering a range of discussions and practical activities related to pain management from a hypnotherapy perspective.

Date of event: 21st January 2018

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: Westminster, London: Full address on booking.

Name of trainer: Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

Tel bookings: 07769 697770

Email bookings: kate@hypnotc.com

Website: http://www.hypnotc.com

Maximum number of participants: 30

Cost of Course: £125

Cost for NCH members: £99

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Payment link: https://hypnotc.com/pain-management-hypnotherapy-cpd/

Additional information/requirements: Kate is an energetic and enthusiastic hypnotherapy trainer, with a cumulative theoretical and practical knowledge of hypnosis that would be difficult to surpass. Her passion for the subject goes above and beyond anything seen with your run-of-the-mill hypnotherapy trainers. She is an exceptionally talented, honest and approachable expert in the field of hypnosis.

As well as being a first-class hypnotherapist, Kate is also a professionally trained teacher and has various highly-respected professional endorsements, such as: Chartered member of IOSH, a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy AND a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine – not to mention, a Certified Instructor with the NGH…

Kate has a Doctorate of Education, based upon the educational aspects of hypnosis from a professionalism perspective. As part of the research for her Doctorate, she completed training with many (200+) international hypnosis and hypnotherapy training providers, and has a personal library of hypnosis-related books that would make even the most avid enthusiast rather jealous. This makes her one of the most well-rounded, highly qualified hypnotherapy trainers in the UK today.