⭐ 6th May 2018 (1 day) – Therapeutic Metaphors – A practical workshop

CPD Event title: Therapeutic Metaphors – A practical workshop

Brief Description Of Event: Making up metaphors on the hoof can be daunting, but using personalised stories in your hypnosis sessions can be a very effective way to work with all types of clients for many types of issues. Conversational metaphors can help your client absorb suggestions as the stories will bypass the conscious critical mind. In this workshop, you learn ways to elicit useful material from your client that you can use in your therapy session. You will also learn how to create and layer ‘everyday stories’ into your hypnosis sessions. You will observe a live ‘fly on the wall’ demo session and then work in groups to create your own metaphors so that you can develop your confidence and skills. Telling stories in trance is very rewarding for client and therapist alike and can result in powerful, painless change for the individual. After attending this class you can expect to feel more confident to ad-lib in your therapy sessions and to use a mixture of real and cleverly constructed stories to help your client to achieve their desired outcome.

Learning Objectives: To elicit ‘material’ from your client for utilisation in your metaphors.
To learn how to weave and layer metaphors into your hypnosis session
To gain confidence in ad-libbing and making up stories ‘on the fly’

Course Structure: Interactive workshop

Date of event: 6th May 2018

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: Wimbledon SW19

Name of trainer: Lorraine McReight

Tel bookings: 020 3369 3360

Email bookings: info@londonhypnotherapyacademy.co.uk

Website: http://www.londonhypnotherapyacademy.co.uk

Maximum number of participants: 12

Cost of Course: £120

Cost for NCH members: £140

How to claim discount: Quote your NCH membership number