⭐ 4th April 2018 (3 days) – Award-winning treatment for ADHD adolescents and their parents

CPD Event title: Award-winning treatment for ADHD adolescents and their parents

Brief Description Of Event: Adolescentswith attention, executive functioning, and motivation difficulties often struggle at home, school, and with others. Supporting Teens’ Autonomy Daily (STAND; Sibley, 2016) is an empirically supported and award winning treatment program that is tailored to the realities of adolescence and provides skills to struggling adolescents and their parents. The goal of this treatment is to increase adolescent self-directedness and success by engaging the parent-teen dyad in treatment. The flexible approach allows therapists to build a unique treatment plan for each case. Modules include training in adolescent organization, time management, and planning skills, helping parents find a balance between providing support and promoting independence, and making changes to the home environment and family routine in support of teen success. STAND is delivered using a Motivational Interviewing style to help dyads reconnect with their personal goals and values and find realistic strategies that improve parent and teen quality of life.

Learning Objectives: In this 3-day training, we will: 1. Learn what skills parents and teens can practice to improve executive functioning and motivationproblems in teens. 2. Discuss and practice population-specific therapy delivery strategies that promote initial engagement and long-term practice of skills at home. 3. Understand overinvolved andunderinvolvedparenting patterns that frequently emerge in these families, and how to help parents step away from practices that inhibit teen growth and autonomy. 4. Learn the basics of parent-teen behavioral contracting—including how to deal with electronics use, barriers to monitoring teens, teens who resist limits, and helping families find and accept their best-case scenario.

Course Structure: 0950 Housekeeping
1000 Session One
1110 Refreshments
1130 Session Two
1240 Lunch
1330 Session Three
1440 Refreshments
1500 Session Four
1600 Feedback and Finish

Date of event: 4th April 2018

Duration of Event: 3 days

Venue for event: The British Psychological Society London

Name of trainer: Dr Maggie Sibley

Tel bookings: 023 80 487592

Email bookings: info@grayrock.co.uk

Website: http://grayrock.co.uk

Maximum number of participants: 70

Cost of Course: £474

Cost for NCH members: £426.60

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Dr. Sibley is a licensed clinical psychologist and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). She is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health in the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University. She developed a psychosocial treatment for teens with ADHD, executive functioning, or motivation deficits called Supporting Teens’ Autonomy Daily (STAND). She has active research projects from the National Institute of Mental Health and the U.S. Institute of Education Sciences. She is the author of author of Parent-Teen Therapy for Function Deficits and ADHD: Building Skills and Motivation (Guilford Press, 2016). In addition to treatment development work, Dr. Sibley has conducted longitudinal research to better understand the adolescent and adult outcomes of children diagnosed with ADHD. This work includes understanding how to recognize true and false cases of ADHD in adults. She has authored over 50 scientific publications in the area of adolescent and young adult mental health.