⭐ Online – Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

CPD Event title: Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

Brief Description Of Event: CBT has a well proven record as a therapeutic approach which tackles distorted thinking patterns and reframes client experience, with the support of clearly defined behavioural goals. CBT is the perfect partner for hypnotherapy, which allows clients to experience changes in a deeply realistic, whilst controlling bodily reactions and challenging negative thoughts.

Learning Objectives: You will learn:
• What is CBT?
• History of CBT
• Why clients have issues – a CBT perspective
• Link between feelings, behaviours and physical sensations
• Working with cognitive distortions
• Working with behavioural change
• Using solution focused approach to establish goals and homework
• Developing a protocol/ structured approach
• Using ABC method with clients
• Using anchors with CBT
• Challenging resistance
• Reframing beliefs
• Setting ‘homework’
• Reframing mind-body response
• Changing sub-modalities

Course Structure: This Certificate in CBT course counts for 15 hours of CPD, on completion of assignments and Skype/phone tutorial. This course includes:
• Protocol for using CBT with clients
• 1-2-1 Skype tutorial
• Assignment marking
• Scripts
• Client handouts and forms in word format
• Certificate on completion of tutorial and assignments

Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

Tel bookings: 07876 809776

Email bookings: clairejack@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.hypnotherapy-diploma.co.uk

Cost of Course: £150

Cost for NCH members: £100

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