6th May 2019 – Hypno-Oncology – The use of hypnotherapy in cancer settings

CPD Event title: Hypno-Oncology – The use of hypnotherapy in cancer settings

Brief Description Of Event: Cancer in the western world is reaching epidemic proportions, 1 in 2 born in the UK since 1960 will be affected by cancer. With hypnotherapy becoming more widely accepted, there is a growing opportunity for hypnotherapists to be involved in this expanding area, whether as a volunteer, as a specialism, or as part of their general therapy portfolio. This presentation is designed to give therapists a better understanding of the use of hypnotherapy with cancer patients. It will give and overview of what cancer is, the hospital ‘jargon’ used, along with an insight into the patient’s journey and treatment options, It will look at the legal and ethical implications of working in this area and give ideas on what to work with and how!
It will also introduce the concept of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which may change and enhance the approaches that the therapist takes. Extensive case histories will be given as examples along with numerous approaches and techniques
One of only a very small number of hypnotherapists in the UK (and probably Europe) to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Practising as a full-time therapist for many years, Garry has busy private practices in five locations in London (Harley Street) and the south of the UK. Garry has consulted for over 12 years at a major hospital specialising in oncology based hypnotherapy work. He also practises from within a local GP surgery, with the GP’s referring many of the patients directly. In addition, he receives hospital referrals and referrals from many other local GPs and health care professionals.

Learning Objectives: Learn how cancer develops, the staging and grading of cancer, treatments and side effects.
Understand the patients cancer journey.
Learn what you can legally work with and what you can’t (and what you can and cannot say).
Understand the 1939 Cancer Act.
Be confident in working with cancer patients, know what to help with and how.
Have a basic understanding of Psychoneuroimmunology and how it may be integrated in your work with cancer patients.
Have a better understanding of how to communicate with patients, surgeons, doctors etc.

Course Structure: One day – Extensive cancer patient scripts will be given to use in working with cancer patients.

Demonstrations of techniques will be augmented by videos of them online and written transcriptions on how to carry out the techniques.

Pre-talk audios will be available online.

Extensive real life case histories will be presented and discussed along with many tips and techniques.

Date of event: 6th May 2019

Venue for event: New York (USA) – HypnoBiz 2019

Name of trainer: Garry Coles

Email bookings: garrycoles@hotmail.com

Website: https://www.hypnobizny.com/store/1-Day-Post-Garry-Coles-p112302011

Cost of Course: £227

Additional information/requirements: Price quoted is approximate as is being priced in US Dollars.
No requirement to attend HypnoBiz in order to attend the Workshop.