29th June 2019 (2 days) – 29th & 30th June 2019 Post Natal Mental Health & Early Parenting Relationships

CPD Event title: 29th & 30th June 2019 Post Natal Mental Health & Early Parenting Relationships

Brief Description Of Event: The journey to becoming a parent can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster. When we enter this phase in our lives, the only thing that is absolutely certain is that having a baby changes everything, and life will never be the same again. We talk about the birth of a mother and the birth of a father. Whilst being a parent is the real you, it is a part of you that never existed before. It is a new role requiring new skills and a completely new set of rules.
It is important that women and men have the right support available to enable a smooth transition to parenthood so that they can enjoy the experience with their partner, any older children and their new baby.
Becoming a parent can be fulfilling and enjoyable. However for some women and men it can a daunting and overwhelming experience. The reality is that, throughout the world, postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety (PPA) disorders affect a full fifteen to twenty percent of new mothers; and 1 in 4 men can also show symptoms. However these illnesses have, until recently, received little attention from the medical profession, and limited accurate media exposure and social awareness. PPD and PPA can impact on individuals at one of the most pivotal times of life, it is vital that we as therapists empower our clients to recognise and overcome them with appropriate support.

Learning Objectives: Learning Objectives: This course is designed to equip you as a hypnotherapist/hypno-psychotherapist to assist your clients to:
• Adjust to their new lives as a mum and dad
• Empower them to recognise and overcome unhelpful thoughts
• Gain a sense of control in their lives.
• Enable you to help them reassess their identity as an individual and as a couple, their life’s goals and what their priorities are.
• Become ‘good enough’ parents, rather than striving for perfection.
• Relax into their new role as a parent, whilst also keeping the juggling balls in the air of their individual needs, their needs as a couple as well as the needs of their new baby. This course will also cover:
• Postpartum depression/Postpartum anxiety
• Postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder
• Postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder
• Postpartum psychosis
• Pregnancy/Antenatal mental health

Course Structure: This is a 2 day course from 10-5pm. 14 CPD points will be awarded following attendance.
A complete course manual including scripts and strategies will be provided. This resource will equip you to provide clients with a knowledgeable and professional service. You will receive a specialist qualification certification from the nchp as a testament to your achievement upon successful completion of your assessment following the course. Once qualified, you will become a ‘Certified Post Natal Practitioner’ and be permitted to use the designated letters CPNP. You will also be entitled to an entry on our online Practitioners’ Directory on www.easibirthing.co.uk.

Date of event: 29th June 2019

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: Novotel London Heathrow M4/J4, Cherry Lane, West Drayton, London UB7 9HJ

Name of trainer: Sharon Mustard

Tel bookings: 01980 623089 / 07754 303987

Email bookings: sharon@easibirthing.co.uk

Website: http://www.easibirthing.co.uk/hypnotherapist-postnatal-mental-health-training

Maximum number of participants: 18

Cost of Course: £280

Cost for NCH members: £260

How to claim discount: Please indicate at time of booking that you are an NCH member and provide membership number

Additional information/requirements: Applicants for this course would be required to be a practising Hypnotherapist or in training to be a Hypnotherapist.
**If you are a trainee you will be expected to have attained a Hypnotherapy qualification prior to your easibirthing® certification being finalised but can attend the course in the meantime.