⭐ 19th October 2019 (2 days) – 19th & 20th October Hypnosis for Fertility

CPD Event title: 19th & 20th October Hypnosis for Fertility

Brief Description Of Event: Would you like to teach effective, easy to use techniques which will help women and men increase their chances of fertility and dealing with the psychological and emotional challenges of difficulties in conceiving? The benefits of using hypnosis for fertility are renowned. There is an increasing demand for women wishing to use hypnosis to assist in conception, worldwide. The easibirthing® model had been specifically designed in conjunction with our work in childbirth.

Learning Objectives: A complete course manual including scripts and strategies. The course is designed to be adaptable to individual circumstances and presenting issues of the client so intervention can be tailored to their needs. This training will equip you to provide clients with a knowledgeable and professional service. You will receive a specialist qualification certification from the nchp as a testament to your achievement upon successful completion of your assessment following the course. Once qualified, you will become a ‘Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner’ and be permitted to use the designated letters CHFP. You will also be entitled to an entry on our online Practitioners’ Directory on www.easibirthing.co.uk.

Course Structure: This is a two day course (9-5pm)

The syllabus will include:
Fertility through the ages: A historical perspective

The role of belief and expectation

The ingredients for conception: Recipe for success

Mind-body links: The fertile state

Managing pressure, reducing stress

The schemas of society: survival of the species

The psychological journey to parenthood

Subconscious blocks; uncovering resistance

Inner conflict: The role of guilt

Modern Fertility Treatments

Thinking yourself Fertile

Application of Hypnosis for physiological causes

Assisting male fertility

Coping with permanent infertility

Emotional reality of loss

Date of event: 19th October 2019

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: Princess St. Hotel, 18-24 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4LG (19th & 20th Oct 2019)

Name of trainer: Sharon Mustard

Tel bookings: 01980 623089 / 07754 303987

Email bookings: sharon@easibirthing.co.uk

Website: http://www.easibirthing.co.uk/hypnotherapist-training

Maximum number of participants: 18

Cost of Course: £280

Cost for NCH members: £260

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Applicants for this course would be required to be a practising Hypnotherapist or in training to be a Hypnotherapist.
**If you are a trainee you will be expected to have attained a Hypnotherapy qualification prior to your easibirthing® certification being finalised but can attend the course in the meantime.