⭐ 12th October 2019 – Integrated Parts Therapy

CPD Event title: Integrated Parts Therapy

Brief Description Of Event: Integrated parts therapy workshops teach students how to resolve client’s problems by helping them learn more about the ‘Parts’ causing their symptoms. These parts are represented in many ways. Techniques will be demonstrated, using hypnotherapy, that help the client become aware of these, often old parts. They can then be updated to be of help to the client, creating calmness and confidence rather than symptoms and concerns.

Learning Objectives: Important aspects of therapy will be discussed and demonstrated in detail.
Skills such as attentive listening; empathy; body language; guiding the client to their inner world; clean language; learning to communicate with troublesome parts/characters, symbols or metaphors; talking to feelings and many more.

Students will have time to practice these skills during the workshop. Handouts will be provided describing all techniques use, and C.P.D. certificates will be given for the workshop

Course Structure: Discussion and demonstration based workshop learning from Dr Brian Roet who is an eminent Psychotherapist of many years. Having started out as a GP and Anaesthetist in Melbourne, Australia he has been practising hypnotherapy of over 40 years.

The workshop starts promptly at 9.30am, and finishes around 4.30/5pm. There will be breaks for refreshments and lunch.

Date of event: 12th October 2019

Venue for event: Regent’s University London

Name of trainer: Dr Brian Roet

Email bookings: hello@brianroet.co.uk

Website: http://www.brianroet.co.uk

Maximum number of participants: 20

Cost of Course: £125

Cost for NCH members: £110

How to claim discount: Members, please login to