⭐ 26th October 2019 – Developing Resilience through Self-Care Cultivating Self-Compassion for all (health)care professionals

CPD Event title: Developing Resilience through Self-Care Cultivating Self-Compassion for all (health)care professionals

Brief Description Of Event: Willpower, strength and kindness are not always enough to keep caregivers safe from the
psychological and physical effects of other people’s distress on their personal wellbeing. As it
turns out, the antidote to caregiver’s fatigue is self-compassion. Its long-term positive effects
on wellbeing have been measured and researched. This day will teach you practices that will
benefit both you and your clients.

Self-compassion as a self-care tool keeps healthcare practitioners buoyant and more sharply
attuned to the effect of people’s stories on their personal wellbeing. We learn to attend to
ourselves with care, while working for the good of others. In contrast, self-criticism and the
constant nagging voice of ‘not being enough’ exhaust and undermine our health and spirit.
When we learn how to treat ourselves the way we would a friend, our resilience is greatly
increased. This is self-compassion.

Healthcare and therapy are principally cognitive, top-down practices, aimed at understanding.
They are very ‘head-based’ and can keep us one step removed from what is really going on.
The skills you learn will complement that approach by offering a bottom-up (or embodied)
language to identify more carefully how we are feeling and how to attend to ourselves. We will
explore and effect the experience of our understanding.

Learning Objectives: Come and spend the day learning how to be kinder to your own deepest needs. You will leave
feeling more content, reinvigorated and a better friend to yourself. Participants love this
workshop with its very unique approach to wellbeing, through greater self-care.

Based on the work of Kristin Neff PhD (from the university of Austin, Texas) and
Chris Germer PhD (of Harvard Medical School) and recently trialled in the NHS, I know what a
gift this work is.

During this workshop you will learn about the science of self-compassion using relevant and up-to-date research and references.

Course Structure: This is an interactive workshop where students will move around and embody areas of self-compassion. There will be plenty of time to understand and discuss this topic in a way that leaves you with skills you can use for both yourself and your clients. This workshop is open to all who are carers and therapists so feel free to pass this information on to friends and colleagues alike.

Date of event: 26th October 2019

Venue for event: Central London Location

Name of trainer: Reneé van der Vloodt

Tel bookings: 01420543365

Email bookings: carole@carolesamuda.co.uk

Website: https://www.reneevandervloodt.com/selfcare

Maximum number of participants: 15

Cost of Course: £165

Cost for NCH members: £135

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