⭐ 25th September 2019 – Rossi Mirroring Hands Webinar with Steve Burgess

CPD Event title: Rossi Mirroring Hands Webinar with Steve Burgess

Brief Description Of Event: The course will introduce you to the amazing work of Dr Ernest Rossi, who worked with Erickson for the last 8 years of Erickson’s life. Rossi is a highly creative therapist and as well as teaching you his mirroring hands technique trainer Steve Burgess of Lionheart Training will also share how many other details of Rossi’s work, including a brilliant technique for releasing pain. Like Erickson Rossi believed that the client should do most of the work in a therapy session, and both of these techniques do just that.

Learning Objectives: This live online webinar will introduce you to the work of Rossi and his approach to hypnotherapy. You will hear a description of a pain release technique created by Rossi and then you see a live demonstration of his mirroring hands technique. You will receive a script of the technique to use with your own clients. Mirroring hands can be used with virtually any client issue and is easy to learn.

Course Structure: A live webinar lasting approximately 2 hours. Starts at 7 pm. A replay link will be available shortly after the broadcast if you are unable to attend on the night.

Date of event: 25th September 2019

Name of trainer: Steve Burgess

Email bookings: lionheartwebinars@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lionheart-training.com

Cost of Course: £45

Cost for NCH members: £40

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