14th December 2019 (1 days) – Hypno-CBT® for Insomnia Workshop, by the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

CPD Event title: Hypno-CBT® for Insomnia Workshop, by the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Brief Description Of Event: This one day workshop for therapists will provide sound basic training in treating clients presenting with insomnia and sleeplessness issues. The approach used is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy integrated with hypnotherapy. CBT for Insomnia (CBTI) is an excellent example of the application of cognitive behavioural therapy and so can become a good introduction to the CBT model. Hypnosis integrates particularly with CBTI – both in terms of inducing rest (leading to sleep) – but also with changing unhelpful habits and associations.
Typically about 35% of people experience insomnia in any given year – and about 18% view the insomnia as serious. Therefore, with this workshop not only can you expand your practice to reach new clients, you can also expand your services to help existing clients.

Learning Objectives: Understand the definitions, diagnosis, prevalence and theoretical models of insomnia
Assess, conceptualise and monitor insomnia
Integrate methods of treatment: stimulus control and sleep reduction, relaxation methods and sleep induction
Integrate hypnotherapy into treatment

Course Structure: Insomnia – definitions, diagnosis, prevalence, theoretical models
CBT Model of Insomnia & Sleep Architecture
Behavioural aspects of insomnia
Cognitive aspects of insomnia
Stimulus Control and Sleep Reduction treatments
Assessment and monitoring
Training in Relaxation Methods and Sleep Induction methods
Integrating hypnotherapy
Dealing with use of alcohol/addiction to sleeping tablets
Use of hypnosis to mitigate impact of sleeplessness

Date of event: 14th December 2019

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: The Clayton Crown Hotel, Cricklewood, London, NW2 3ED

Name of trainer: Mark R. Davis (Principal and lead trainer of the UK College)

Tel bookings: 0207 112 9040

Email bookings: admin@ukhypnosis.com

Website: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/hypno-cbt-for-insomnia-cpd-workshop/

Cost of Course: £145