⭐ 24th October 2019 – Using Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Depression

CPD Event title: Using Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Depression

Brief Description Of Event: Would you like to learn some new ways to work with depression? Using basic hypnotherapy for depression is not always advisable; however, it IS possible to use hypnotherapy with depression provided that it is done in a creative way, in a way that empowers the depressed individual. For this Hypno-training Webinar I have created four Ericksonian scripts that are designed to intervene in specific aspects of a typically depressed state. Each of the scripts is designed to allow change to take place within the client’s sub-conscious in a subtle and meaningful way,using the creative powers of the sub-conscious. The scripts use a combination of Ericksonian language patterns, metaphors, reframes, conversational hypnosis and indirect suggestions to lead the client into a different frame of mind. They can be used both as stand-alone scripts or in conjunction with other therapy techniques. Each of the scripts is over 2,000 words long and chunks down the experience of depression into individual elements that allow the subconscious to work to resolve the varying components that typically make up depression.

Learning Objectives: The aim of the online course is for therapists, having attended the webinar, to be able to use the scripts to help clients with depression, and to have a deeper understanding of ways to work with depression in the hypnotic framework. During the live webinar Steve will also be sharing with you information about how to work with depression as well as analysing the scripts and their various aspects. You’ll have chance to ask questions as we go along, and you will learn some in-depth knowledge in order to help your clients to heal from a problem which affects so many people in the world.

Course Structure: A live webinar lasting approximately 90 minutes – 2 hours. Starts at 7 pm. A replay link will be available shortly after the broadcast if you are unable to attend on the night.

Date of event: 24th October 2019

Name of trainer: Steve Burgess

Email bookings: lionheartwebinars@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lionheart-training.com

Cost of Course: £45

Cost for NCH members: £40

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