⭐ 15th February 2020 (2 days) – Smoking Cessation Masterclass

CPD Event title: Smoking Cessation Masterclass

Brief Description Of Event: Are you interested in helping people to stop smoking? We’ve been teaching therapists how to do smoking cessation for over 14 years now and our smoking cessation 2-day masterclass has developed a reputation for excellence, due in part to the emphasis we place on simple, no-nonsense, evidence-based approaches derived from the mainstream clinical and research literature in the fields of CBT and hypnotherapy.
Each year the course is refined and developed. This course is open to all qualified hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy students in training.
Mark Davis, the principal and director of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, will be leading the workshop. Mark has specialised in smoking cessation since 2007. With 10 years of experience and having helped over 300 clients quit smoking, Mark has extensive experience and a deep passion for helping people quit permanently and become “happy, healthy non-smokers”.

Learning Objectives: You will learn about:
– Smoking Cessation Assessment (e.g. measuring nicotine dependency, “habit strength”, etc)
– The CBH “conceptualisation” (the vicious circle of smoking)
– How to plan the session (treatment planning)
– A big “toolbox” of evidence-based techniques
– Key information that optimises results (e.g. which is the best day of the week for smokers to quit!)
– How to deliver an effective 2 hour stop smoking cessation session
– Tips, guidelines, techniques and approaches that you can apply to general habit change, reducing alcohol intake, addictions etc.
– Guidance on launching and marketing your service
– As well as access to the UK College Smoking Cessation Online Resources (full videos of the workshop you can view again, forms, scripts and additional articles)

Course Structure: Two-day workshop

Date of event: 15th February 2020

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: The Clayton Crown Hotel, Cricklewood, London, NW2 3ED

Name of trainer: Mark Davis

Tel bookings: 0207 112 9040

Email bookings: enquiries@ukhypnosis.com

Website: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/smoking-cessation-masterclass-cpd-workshop/

Cost of Course: £325

Cost for NCH members: £290

How to claim discount: Members, please login to