20th June 2020 (2 days) – Best Practices of Dave Elman, led by Larry and Cheryl Elman

CPD Event title: Best Practices of Dave Elman, led by Larry and Cheryl Elman

Brief Description Of Event: We hope you will join us for the FINAL opportunity to train with Larry and Cheryl Elman in the UK. The dates differ between venues but the tour takes place in June 2020, and incorporates events in Central Scotland (Edinburgh or nearby), Sudbury, Cardiff and Ireland. Please click the link below for full date details.

There will never be another chance in this country to meet and study with the son of one of the world’s most famous hypnotists – a man who was in the vanguard of the hypnosis profession and whose book, “Hypnotherapy” is still a core reading requirement in hypnotherapy schools worldwide.When people talk about the great hypnotists of the 20th Century, two names will come to mind – Milton Erickson – and Dave Elman. Through this one groundbreaking book, Dave Elman became known worldwide for his work in dental and medical hypnosis, and for his induction in particular, which is capable of placing a subject into a deep trance in a few minutes.

Learning Objectives: Larry and Cheryl Elman create an energetic and dynamic duo, making this course fun and informative. Larry brings depth and understanding to his father’s methodology. He graduated his father’s trainings multiple times, experiencing the evolution and progression of his fathers teaching and brings this bang up to date in a modern context.

You will leave this course with confidence in your mastery of the process of the Dave Elman Induction and use of variations while you increase your ability to remain client-centred. A course book will be provided.

Course Structure: History of Dave Elman’s Course and Methods
The Dave Elman Induction (DEI) with Troubleshooting
Modification of the DEI for Zoom and Groups
Tests, Deepeners and Convincers
Waking Hypnosis
Dave Elman’s method’s of Hypnosis for Children
Hypnotic Anesthesia and Pain Management
The Esdaile State
The Hypnotic Seal (Lecture only)
Hypnoanalysis versus Hypnotherapy…. and more

Date of event: 20th June 2020

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: Central Scotland, Sudbury, Cardiff and Ireland

Name of trainer: Larry and Cheryl Elman

Email bookings: info@trancetrain.co.uk

Website: http://www.trancetrain.co.uk

Maximum number of participants: 30

Cost of Course: £395

Additional information/requirements: A £50 deposit on booking is required, with the balance due by end March 2020.