⭐ 19th July 2020 (1 day) – Advanced Anxiety Management

CPD Event title: Advanced Anxiety Management

Brief Description Of Event: Google ‘evidence for an increase in anxiety’ and you’ll get over 2 million hits. Hypnotherapists in practice are telling us that anxiety-related conditions form a greater part of their practice than ever before. This course will provide you with an excellent level of knowledge about working with anxiety, and a variety of tools, to successfully help your clients. Comprehensive notes and a resource pack full of proformas, customisable client handouts, leaflets, and scripts are provided.

Learning Objectives: to understand the biology of anxiety
to understand and recognise a variety of anxiety-related conditions
to use a variety of tools and techniques to help you collect and collate the right information to provide effective therapy, and measure success
to understand how different psychological explanations of anxiety can inform our choice of techniques
to learn effective techniques and tools for clients out of trance
to learn effective tools and techniques for clients in trance

Course Structure: This course comes in two parts. First, about a month before the day, we’ll send you an ebook containing background information and a multiple-choice questionnaire. We anticipate this will take most people around 1-2 hours.

Then, at the one-day workshop, you’ll be given detailed notes, and a memory stick/download of resources to use with clients. We draw on both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to give you as many tools as possible to use with your clients.

The advantages of sending information to you in advance are:
– you get to read through the background information in your own time, so we can concentrate on developing practical skills at the workshop
– you benefit from extra CPD hours without having to pay for the tutorial time

Date of event: 19th July 2020

Duration of Event: 1 day

Venue for event: Wakefield

Name of trainer: Debbie Waller and Brian Turner

Tel bookings: 01977 678593

Email bookings: debbie@cpd.expert

Website: https://cpd.expert/training-days/anxiety

Maximum number of participants: 10

Cost of Course: £135 early bird, £160 standard

Cost for NCH members: £10% reduction

How to claim discount: Members, please login to

Additional information/requirements: Open to students and qualified therapists, accredited by the ACCPH