Our Goals

The Hypnotherapy Register was formed in 1973 to create a National Membership Organisation for independent Hypnotherapy Practitioners.

Now renamed the National Council for Hypnotherapy, it has worked steadily over the years towards the following goals –

  • To raise the standards of Hypnotherapy in the UK in every possible way.
  • To maintain a Common Code of Ethics and Practice & a Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure to deal with complaints from any source.
  • To encourage high training standards and to move towards nationally recognised qualifications in Hypnotherapy.
  • To encourage links with other interested organisations and professions.
  • To provide a professional and unequalled service to its members, the public, the media, and affiliates.
  • To promote within the profession, the dissemination of information about Hypnotherapy through its Journal, Seminars and Conferences.